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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Cancer Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: If you can’t sit still today, you can thank the five planets in fiery Aries, including the moon! Harness this energy. Use it to tackle your longstanding dreams and goals, as this party takes place in your tenth house of achievement and success. The moon conjuncts Venus, which helps you ground and channel the power of these transits. The moon in Aries can cause impatience, leading to impulsive decisions and actions. Venus serves as a safety feature, asking you to slow down a bit so you can consider all angles. A Sagittarius could benefit from a key piece of information that you’re privy to.

Love/Friendship: Pluto in Capricorn highlights your seventh house of partnership and commitment, squaring the Aries Moon. Your beloved may be moody and out of sorts — simultaneously clingy and craving reassurance. Don’t take any of it personally, but don’t allow yourself to be a doormat either.

Career/Finance: Business-oriented Saturn in Aquarius activates shared resources in your chart, sextiling the Aries Moon in your career sector. That makes this a great time to collaborate with others and work together toward a common goal. Keep your eye on the prize as you embrace everyone’s participation. Success is knocking on your door.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: If you feel like you’ve lost your way, stop. Get your bearings, and when you have a bead on where you are, start moving forward again.

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