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Mon, March 20, 2023 - Sun, March 26, 2023

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Happy Spring Equinox, Leo! A double dose of spiritual guidance is headed your way. That’s because the sun’s transit into Aries on Monday (which happens to be the first day of spring), followed by the New Moon in Aries on Tuesday, will illuminate your spiritual realm and enhance your intuition about the future. Mainly, this is the time to envision the steps you must take to realize a dream that you’ve been chasing down, something which will empower your ability to succeed. However, between Saturday and May 19, Mars transiting through Cancer in your unconscious realm means that your sense of motivation will be turned inward. That can make it difficult to move forward with something that’s important to you. Be patient until your internal green light gives you the go-ahead in the coming weeks.

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