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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Capricorn Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: Things are lively, even fiery, on the home front as a stellium of five planets in Aries fills your fourth house of home and family. Change is afoot! The conjunction between Venus and the Aries Moon helps anchor and ground this energy so you can use it in and around your living quarters. If you’ve been considering a move or a major remodel, this transit brings that right to your doorstep along with the means to make it happen. If you want an extra pair of hands to help you manage things, a Cancer would be delighted to participate.

Love/Friendship: Pallas in Taurus highlights your romance sector, sextiling Juno in Pisces in your house of connection and communication. This transit supports working hand in hand with others to produce creative accomplishments. It helps harmonize relationships and make collaboration more successful.

Career/Finance: Your ruling planet, Saturn in Aquarius, activates your money and finance sector, sextiling the Aries Moon. It underscores a gift for business matters, as well as common sense and maturity. You’re smart enough to plan your major moves well in advance, and that pays off in achievement and success.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Because you know yourself and believe in yourself, you’re able to move through life in a way that makes your success look easy. Appearances are deceiving. You know what it took to get where you are.

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