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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: You might question your happiness tonight when the moon meets wounded Chiron. Are you making time for people and activities that bring you joy? Play is essential to happiness. Making plans with an entertaining person (like a Leo) will give you something to look forward to.

Love/Friendship: Romance can clash with domesticity while Venus is at odds with dutiful Juno in your home and family realm. It can be tough to feel sexy while picking up after kids or tending to housework. All signs indicate that you won’t let your desire for fun and intimacy be ignored. Hire a babysitter, delegate tasks to others, and do whatever’s necessary to make time for your love life.

Career/Finance: You’ll have the smarts and persistence required to negotiate an important work or money matter. With shrewd Mercury aligning with masterful Pluto, you’ll keep plugging away until matters are resolved in your favor. If you succeed in your efforts, you could make a significant financial gain. However, first, you’ll need to find out everything there is to know. Mercury in retrograde suggests that you’ve recently dealt with this matter. This time around, you may have the info needed to bring it to a close.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Be open to the care offered to you as the Gemini Sun and nurturing Ceres align. Know that you’re worthy of the attention, affection, and resources you receive.

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