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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Scorpio Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: You are being given an opportunity to learn how to nurture and care for yourself as a stellium of Aries planets empowers your sixth house of health and wellbeing. You can’t just roll over and go back to sleep. This is a cosmic alarm clock insisting you awaken and begin to practice self-love in new, exciting ways. The Aries Moon conjuncts Venus, creating a channel that allows you to focus and direct this energy in a nurturing, creative way that you’ll enjoy once everything’s in place. If you need support, talk things over with a Virgo. They will be able to help you sort out the details and implement your plan.

Love/Friendship: Pallas in Taurus highlights your seventh house of partnership, sextiling Juno in Pisces in your fifth house of love. This generates the kind of energy that makes creative collaboration fun and exciting. This transit also harmonizes your relationships and encourages you to work in creative partnership with your beloved to attain your mutual goals.

Career/Finance: If you are considering a change in employment, pay attention to how you feel. Let your feelings help guide you in the direction of your highest good. Take your time, though. All that Aries energy can make an impulsive decision look good, but it’s better to get all your ducks in a row first.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Blind faith is dangerous. Inform yourself, then decide.

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